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Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary: (10JUN-18JUN)

During this period, Clipper Tabitha May, NC33611 will be flying in support of the "Berlin Airlift 70th Anniversary" to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the commencement of Allied Forces Europe's efforts to support the population of Berlin during the Soviet blockade.

We are still firming up our schedule during this period.  We anticipate the Clipper will be present in Berlin on/around 15/16JUN, so please check back to keep up-to-date with the latest.*


(Caen, FR - Paderborn, DE)

Depart: TBA

Enroute: 2hrs

Private event.



(Paderborn, DE)

Display Flying, Aircraft & Crew Static display for customers and staff of Aerosoft, GmbH and PMDG Simulations.


* Clipper Tabitha May will only carry crew, staff and invited VIP and Credentialed Media in support of Berlin Airlift 70th. 

There will not be an opportunity for public flying, but we are pleased to welcome you to visit during our ground times at Paderborn and Berlin.

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