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Sponsorship Gives Us Lift:

Moving an airliner from one side of the Atlantic to the other has always required great teamwork, and the Clipper Tabitha May is proud to be supported by great sponsorship teammates from throughout the aviation industry.


To bring our Clipper to Europe, we have partnered with the Tunison Foundation, charter member of the D-Day Squadron.  Sharing support and logistics, we are working with our D-Day Squadron partners to bring our DC-3 to Europe as part of a group of fifteen US based DC-3/C-47 aircraft to participate in the commemoration of D-Day and the Berlin Airlift 70th anniversary.


We would like to thank all of the corporate sponsors of the D-Day Squaderon and especially thank our individual sponsors.

Your generous contributions are helping to fill the Clipper's fuel tanks along our historic journey!

Please consider a contribution to help cover the cost of this historic journey by visiting our contribution page.









Are you a corporation interested in supporting our effort?  Contact Us!

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